Freelance back-end developer


Freelance back-end developer

Dutch Coding Company is a web & app studio in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. We're looking for an experienced Laravel back-end developer who will take our systems to a higher level.

Freelance · Eindhoven

About this role

Dutch Coding Company frequently works with experienced freelance developers. We work with temporary full-time assignments and longer term part-time assignments. For this we have a network of freelance developers.

As a back-end developer you're, together with the team, responsible for the development and maintenance of digital product that help our clients grow. As a team lead, you'll set the bar when it comes to quality and the way of work within the team. You'll work directly with our client and the end user: you'll advise on technical solutions, manage the planning and expectations and take responsibility for the team's delivery.

Even as freelancer, you'll be involved with new project from an early stage. Based on the required functionalities of a project, you'll write a project plan. Together with the team you'll device a technical solution, such as the API, database models and other architecture. That's how you'll contribute to a good experience for end users. We handle a lot of privacy sensitive data and our clients often depend on the products we create, so the quality and security of your work is very important.

The back-end team consists of experienced and passionate Laravel and NodeJS developers. You'll help the team to perform at their best, but you can also expect direct feedback if that benefits the quality of our products. Besides that, you'll work intensively together with the rest of the team, consisting of app (Flutter) and front-end developers, UI/UX designers and sales consultants.

Besides the work, we like to have some fun together as well. Even when you're not currently involved with a project, you're more than welcome at our Friday drinks and outings.







What we expect from you

  • You're part of the team and like to work together, both with people in the same and different expertises

  • You have a degree in for example computer science or are able to prove your programming skills, knowledge of database structures, networking, security and performance in some other way.

  • You're proficient in PHP 8. We work a lot with Laravel, but if you have experience in another framework (e.g. Symfony or Drupal), you'll learn Laravel in no-time.

  • Experience with related technologies, including SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), API interfaces, Linux, CI/CD pipelines

  • You're incredibly ambitious, eager to learn and you like to work on your professional and personal skills.

  • You're code is high quality, fully tested in automated test suites and you know how to work with a modern code standard (PSR).

  • A professional and representative work ethos.

  • You're available to work from our office in Eindhoven.


  • You've worked with front-end technologies before, like Typescript, VueJS or ReactJS.

  • Experience with other back-end languages, such as NodeJS or Python, or other databases, including Elastcsearch or MongoDB.

  • Experienced in Agile Scrum.

  • You have a sense for details, particularly around user experience and data security.

  • Experience with many different third-party APIs and libraries.

  • You like to work on open-source projects. It is possible to work on open-source projects (during office hours).

  • You like to stick around for the team activities.

About Dutch Coding Company

We help ambitious organisations to realise their digital goals. We do that by developing digital products, such as apps and web platforms, that help organisations grow and enables them to service their customers in the best possible way. We support our clients with custom developed software and, after the first launch, hosting and support.

We're a fast growing studio in Strijp-S, the creative heart of Brainport Eindhoven. Our clients include startups, corporates and (semi-)governments, predominantly in Health/Sport, Energy transition and Industry. Our stack consists mostly of Flutter, Laravel and VueJS, but we have a passion to try out new things.

Being an agency, we think professional and personal development is super important. We work on multiple, short projects at the same time, which means you'll rapidly gain experience and we can apply the learnings from a project after a few weeks already. That's how we manage to deliver solid products that our customers can rely on. 

Application process 🔢

Phone call

Stay close to your phone! We'll call you within 2 business days to confirm your details and to see if there is a potential match.

Culture fit interview

How do you want to grow? What do you expect from the job? What makes you proud of your work? And to make it fair play, you get to ask us questions too.

Case challenge

This is a challenge for the specific position you applied for. It shouldn't take you much time and it's preparation for the second interview!

Hard skills interview

Your solution to the case challenge forms the basis for this interview. We'll discuss your solutions, what-if scenarios and how you got to your answers.

An offer

If it's a match, you'll get an offer from us. We always try to give you a fair offer right away, but of course you can discuss things important to you.

Let's get acquainted!

Do you think we should work together, now or in the future? Apply and let's meet!